International business forum in Baikal: "NEW MEANINGS IN BUSINESS - 2014" |

International business forum in Baikal: "NEW MEANINGS IN BUSINESS - 2014"

II International Business Forum in Baikal “New Meanings in Business 2014”. 
A space to meet the LEADERS OF THE FUTURE

These businessmen and businesswomen are doing business differently. They focus to make every action with DEEP PURPOSE. The leaders of the new generation aim to create ORGANISATION OF THE FUTURE which will be adequate to meet global challenges. Their business model innovations will serve as guides for others to follow.


  • To identify leaders who already aim to do their business differently; to provide them with a space to meet, learn from each other, share their experiences, participate in collective emergence of ideas from the future, network and develop ideas for projects, find partners to promote innovative ideas.
  • To create a space for creative emergence, for opening-up ideas laying deep within the participants.
  • To co-create innovative concepts.


  • The value of the conference is not so much the new information, as to more the transformative power it generates capable to change mindsets and paradigms. The logic of action transforms only through the change of mindset – a new way of thinking generates new ideas with power to act upon them.
  • The conference program integrates rational, emotional, bodily and spiritual elements in variety of forms ranging from scientific lectures to practical experience sharing of business people embodying new business paradigms; to collective interactive discussions and creative laboratories, to bodily practices and meditations, to social theater practices and musical performances.
  • The conference takes place on the hill of Sabolinaya with its marvelous views over Baikal. The place itself contributes to the emergence of new ideas.
  • The participants who will take the opportunity to share their experience will enjoy a deep self-reflection in supporting generative space.

Initiators of the Project:

Rasa Balciuniene, Lithuania, +37069825087
Vitalij Zakablukovskij, Russia,, +79149274414

Co initiator: Elena Lastochkina, Russia,, +7 9165922389