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Our Philosophy

CREATION OF THE FUTURE: from predicting to seeing the future

It is impossible to predict future in the rapidly changing uncertain environment. The evolution of our thinking lacks behind the pace of technological innovation. Our thinking also suffers from pollution with individual and social stereotypes. We should let go our habits of predicting future based on our past experience. FUTURE CAN BE SEEN. The challenge is to let go the past and memory, i.e. let go the conventional mode of thinking and CONNECT TO THE DEEPEST INSIGHTS that want to emerge through us. It is impossible to see the future by referencing to the past. There is emptiness between the past and the future from which the FUTURE CAN EMERGE. This emptiness is filled with communication - inner dialogues and external conversations. We stay in the space of this emptiness until we see NEW MEANINGS, then we might see the FUTURE, i.e. new connections forming in the network of our neurons. That is how WE CREATE OUR FUTURE.