Organizational development projects |

Organizational development projects

"If you want to go up, you need to dive deep".
                                                             /Rasa Balčiūnienė, the founder of HAI/

The context of today is changing fundamentally. A QUALITATIVE TRANSFORMATION becomes crucial for organizations, aiming to create a long-term competitive advantage. Organizational development projects, organized by HAI.LT, are constructed to facilitate MINDSHIFTS and support transition to the new QUALITY of operations.

Questions arising in organizations which cannot be solved in CONVENTIONAL ways:
►… Which directions should the business take?
►… How to reveal the true potential of the leaders and the team?
►… How to stimulate initiative and courage for unique action?
►… How to achieve accountability, prompt response, adequate solutions?
►… How to summon the team to achieve ambitious goals?

The industrial era is over. We need to learn to THINK and ACT differently:
► Understand our UNIQUENESS,
► Sense the PURPOSE of our activity,
► Deal with the real CAUSES of problems, not with their consequences,
► Reveal TALENTS – what we are capable of doing BEST,
► Create an OPEN culture,
► Replace commanding way of management with coaching, which facilitates PERSONAL action,
► Convert competition into COOPERATION.

HAI projects are targeted at DEEP personal changes within the level of ASSUMPTIONS.
► Changes in assumptions bring LONG-LASTING changes in other levels – the quality of ideas, objectives, strategies, plans and actions changes.
► The consequences of such changes are visible in different operational RESULTS of people and organization.



Organizational development projects