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Leadership Personality Development seminars

If you wish to achieve peak of life and experience the highest satisfaction of existence - KNOW YOURSELF.

Our epoch is increasingly appreciating the value of CONSCIOUSNESS – the ability to see causes behind phenomenon and behavior, to project probable consequences, the ability to tell the difference between FACTS of life and its interpretations and illusions. For the first time in human history the life of an ordinary human being is long enough to experience GREAT social and cultural shifts.

Many ancient wisdom traditions teach that in order to know the UNIVERSE a human being needs to know the own SELF, because he/she is part of the Existence. When we do not understand ourselves, we do not have a clear understanding of Life. We are able to understand the external world only to the extent that we are able to understand ourselves.

Our offer:

For the last 10 years we were the DISCOVERERS, RESEARCHERS and EXPERIMENTERS of international personality development methods. In today’s vast volumes of information it is difficult to choose what is suits You best and what might become just another worthless “check”. We track the NEW METHODS as they emerge, analyze their value, purposes and how each method could be used to open various aspects of personality.

Our seminars are delivered by either CREATORS of methods or teachers who spend many years applying and teaching, so they become the CARRIERS of the method. We believe that it take both a good method and a wise teacher to create a space for CHANGE.

Leadership Personality Development seminars