Conferences searching for innovative ideas |

Conferences searching for innovative ideas

HAI.LT host Conferences of INTEGRAL SPACE in Lithuania and other countries, which summon BUSINESS, SCIENCE, CULTURE and YOUTH. 

The purpose of Conferences Searching for INNOVATIVE IDEAS is to create spaces for TRANSFORMATION OF MINDSETS in a particular area of businesses, or society, or market.

These Conferences are designed as an integral flow of ideas within one unifying theme. PARADIGM shifts happen during these conferences, new understandings, new meanings, new forms, new methods of action emerge as a result of their TRANSFORMATIONAL character. The change of mindset generates new ideas, stimulate intrinsic motivation and internal power to realise them. 

Programs of the conferences INTEGRATE various forms of interaction: rational presentations by scientists, living stories of practicing business people and professionals, insights from cultural activists, interactive discussions in small groups, creative laboratories, body practices and meditations, social theatre, visual thinking techniques, music performances. The multilayer complexities of conferences contribute to the space enabling QUALITATIVE TRANSFORMATIONS.


Deep inside we are consciously responding to the critical need of the global society to enjoy the INTEGRAL HEALTH: the synergy of physical, social and psychological health.

► We connect various SOCIAL GROUPS: business people and scientists, politicians and youth, and facilite the search for solutions in important social domains.

► We sow seeds of NEW APPROACH and watch for new ideas to emerge.

► INNOVATIVE social projects emerge in our events.

► We have a deep internal vision of Lithuania becoming a country where people from other countries would come to learn TRUE things.

“We live in a world where many things are upside down. What seems normal to us is not natural and what is natural seems abnormal.


Through our projects we aim to RECOVER the lost meanings of life phenomena and CREATE spaces to question stereotypical modes of thinking, OPEN up for ideas which are ready to emerge.” –


Rasa Balčiūnienė, the founder of HAI LT 

Some of the initiatives and insights that emerged during the conferences become part of HAI LT. We experiment and lead PILOT PROJECTS. Some of those experiments are transforming into NEW MODELS of FUTURE BUSINESS.

Conferences searching for innovative ideas