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Innovative educational projects

We invite you to become PARTNERS OF INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS learning together to realize new approaches and ideas. It is an innovative form of learning – we learn and create a possible future by WORKING together.

A self-realizing human being achieves own Well Being only when he/she contributes own energy and work to the development of a wider SOCIAL CONTEXT. We realize these projects with HAI.LT partners, who are curious to experiment and see how the ideas bringing in the social holistic health could be realized; what new business models could emerge to respond to the global societal need for INTEGRAL HEALTH.

We live in the ERA OF UNCERTAINTY, which means that we can take a future idea with a potential, prototype it through innovative solutions and actions, learn and move forward. This way we are able to create our FUTURE. The authors of complex systems and leadership claim that one of the most important COMPETENCE OF FUTURE LEADERS is the ability to identify new functional patterns in the chaos, let them emerge and help them materialize.  


The IDEAS FOR INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS emerge in our conferences and events that we host and that are aimed at finding solutions to urgent social challenges. When we launch a NEW PROJECT, no one knows what results it will bring. Sometimes the results are unbelievably interesting and show totally new ways of solving problems. At other times, when results do not meet expectations, they still bring great experience and new understanding what is and what is not working, why and what potentially could work. And then we EXPERIMENT again.