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Founder of HAI - Rasa Balčiūnienė

Inspirer for innovative ideas and qualitative changes, moderator, mediator, consultant, entrepreneur and the owner of two companies based in Lithuania: Femina Bona, in operation for over 20 years in the beauty and spa sector, and the Institute for the Harmonious Individual (HAI LT), active for over eight years.

Her work is aimed at changing old paradigms and introducing new ideas on different levels: individual, organizational, municipal and nationwide.


She has developed a PERSONAL LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM FOR VERTICAL DEVELOPMENT and over 150 participants - business owners and managers - in Lithuanian and Russia have participated in that program. She also has developed a unique methodology for creative SESSIONS aiming at future creation and search for new ideas and opportunities, and she has facilitated over 50 of such sessions.

Rasa is an author and developer of international programs for the leaders of the new generation, under the title LEADER OF LIFE: WORLDVIEW, PURPOSE, BREAKTHROUGH, as well as the creator of the social technology for PSYCHODYNAMIC SESSIONS for emergence of the Future of Organization.

She has initiated and implemented INNOVATIVE SOCIAL PROJECTS, CONFERENCES AND FORUMS to foster new ideas and new possibilities for Lithuania, in education, culture and business ecosystems. Rasa has also launched a project for PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE among organizations.

Recently she became deeply interested in social technologies, ranging from alternative currencies to “psychotechnologies” for creation of future and methods to recover lost purposes through expression of new ontological meanings. Today she dives deep into this emerging new economy context aiming for the integral socio-psychological health and life wellbeing, the emerging future organizational paradigm and its innovative forms. She is particularly interested in reconstructing the distorted life phenomena and recovery of lost fundamentals meanings.


She has a university degree in engineering and a major in management. She has studied psychology in Saint Petersburg; she also has studied law and public relations.

She has built consulting competencies in organizational and personal development through MANY SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT. For the last 20 years she is on experiential path learning from ancient traditions, harmonious geometry, humanistic and integral psychology, the laws of complexity and systems, European cultural and philosophical development as well as onto-psychology.

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