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Our purpose  is to create SPACES for TRANSFORMATION for leaders and their organizations.

We face a promising yet unpredictable future. The industrial society is being replaced by the knowledge society. The new competitive advantage in business world will be generated by the paradigm of KNOWLEDGE – consciousness and wisdom.

During the 10 years of our practice in this emerging market we took every opportunity to explore, discover, test and develop METHODS which enable deep personal and organizational TRANSFORMATIONS.

Business models created by the LEADERS OF THE FUTURE form the ORGANIZATION OF THE FUTURE – they become representative examples of business culture with a new worldview. 

„Organization of the future will internally transform itself faster than it will be visible for outsiders. No more ready-made recipes. A living organization will be capable to  create and discover unique principles of operation.“

Founder of "Harmoningos asmenybės institutas" (HAI.LT) Rasa Balčiūnienė

For organizations we offer innovative methodologies which:

 Shift the APPROACH towards conventional things
 Shape a new WORLDVIEW
     ⇒ Enable qualitative changes in organizations,
     ⇒ Create an environment where it is possible to share ideas, search for solutions together and create viable innovations.
 Enable the development of the FUTURE ORGANISATION with a new paradigm

Forms of our activity:

 HOLISTIC LEARNING programs (short-term seminars, long-term modular trainings, intellectual journeys, common interest clubs),
 FUTURE CREATING strategic sessions (for organizations, communities, cities),
 INTEGRAL conferences (for search of new ideas, opportunities and shifts of mindset),
 KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE platform (an opportunity for organizations to exchange practical experience),
 INNOVATIVE EDUCATIONAL PROJECTS which  create a field of new meanings and encourage transformations of the social context.

HAI LT Institute focuses its activities towards TRANSFORMATION OF ORGANIZATIONS and is based on SIX PRINCIPLES which enable shifts in mindset:


Why the business of the FUTURE?

The theory of economic cycles („long waves“) was formulated by a Russian economist Nikolaj Kondratjeff (1892-1938) to explain the fluctuations of economic progress and decline in long periods of approximately 50 years. Each wave fundamentally changes the operational PARADIGM of business as well as the overall economic STRUCTURE.

The first four economic waves were fueled by the need for material things. During the fifth wave the need for information became engine for economic development

According to the followers of N.Kondratjev, we have already entered a new wave of economic development – wave of INTEGRAL HEALTH. In it the engine of economics becomes a need to be HEALTHY IN A HOLISTIC SENSE –a human need which has been generally  neglected until recently. 


This long period of materialism and consumerism totally reversed the real purposes of LIFE PHENOMENA: we learn for exam, not for preparation for life; we eat to fill the stomach, not to build energy; we talk mostly to get something, and much rarer to just create or relax. The conventional medicine is too much focused on treating symptoms, not the cause of a disease.

 Even art and culture became a product. During the period of technological development and promotion of consumption, in most areas of life HUMANENESS as well as the ONTOLOGICAL MEANINGS of the life phenomena, got lost. A human being is no longer a subject but an object, i.e., he, who was once an independent conscious master, became an automatically manageable thing. We are traped by systems, which we have created ourselves. We live in a world turned upside down. While we have everything (physical health, food, job, relationships, comfort, journeys, even the possibility to self-realize), many of us still feel unhappy and unsatisfied.

Does the need of integral health have the potential to become a source of economic growth for the sixth long cycle? What is that INTEGRAL HEALTH? How I, through my activity, can satisfy that global society’s need? How might this become my competitive advantage in the future? Today, these are some of the most relevant questions which those business creators who are seeking to EXIST in the future should ask themselves. Businesses that create integral health are businesses of the FUTURE. INTEGRAL HEALTH is perceived as holistic health: the synergy of physical, biological, psychological, mental, social, ecological and spiritual health.


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