„Stereotypes of a small country business“ conference, year 2010 |

„Stereotypes of a small country business“ conference, year 2010

On 15-16 June, 2010, more than 100 business developer and leaders, as well as representatives of Lithuania‘s public institutions, high schools and nongovernmental organizations gathered for the open space conference „STEREOTYPES OF A SMALL COUNTRY BUSINESS: SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT LITHUANIA BE ON THE WORLD‘S BUSINESS MAP?“, organized by HAI.

The idea and purpose of the Conference

The conference was created by inspiration of expert insights on the current global transformations, as well as the business leaders concern about the current business situation in Lithuania and their wish to CHANGE it. The aim of the conference was to encourage business developers and leaders to create a society of business intellectuals and then search for brave solution together to make a crucial turning point for businesses in Lithuania.   

Results of the Conference

The main idea that revealed itself to me at this Conference is that during the period of global changes small countries have an advantage of restructuring and changing itself quickly. It is much harder for a big country. The Conference strengthened the understanding that the biggest value and resource of Lithuania is the potential of people. By changing the way of thinking it is possible to make Lithuania a country which, in a broad sense, could spread the ecology that is deep in our roots, meaning a sustainable management of human energy and the true purpose of an organization and its live processes, which give an opportunity for the full realization of personal or organizational potential.

Rasa Balčiūnienė, the founder of HAI, initiator of the Conference 


According to the participants of the Conference, the feeling of UNITY has awakened and a wish to work towards the future of Lithuania TOGETHER was born. The Conference was an opportunity to GET TO KNOW oneself, own business and environment, to think about the STEREOTYPES that should be changed. It gave the courage and energy necessary for ACTING DIFFERENTLY.   

Feedback of the Conference‘s participants

„I want to change more rapidly and to remember those things that I have heard at the Conference. I want to inspire as many people as possible, so we can provide a new impulse for Lithuania“

Algimantas Akstinas, the director of „Lietuvos verslo konfederacija“

Such events are a wonderful way to polish your soul. I am glad that we, business people, dedicated some time for ourselves, talked about our interests, growth and enrichment in a broad sense. I am also glad that we generated ideas and solutions for the growth of the society and for the whole country.

Valdemaras Vaičekauskas, board chairman of UAB „Hortus Investment banking“

I saw, that after all there are innovative people with different ideas. By gathering together and connecting our knowledge and experience we can create some innovative ideas. I understood that we want and we can make changes within ourselves and in Lithuania. These two days gave me inspiration and inner energy to act. “

Egidijus Vitkevičius, the director of UAB „Plasteksus“

Despite that some people say: „I want to go home and bring something important for me“, I stay here, with you.

Tomas Parnarauskas, the director of UAB „Nod Baltic“

Material of Conference speakers

„Lithuania‘s business elite, responsibility and values“
Valdemaras Vaičekauskas, board chairman of UAB "Hortus Investment Banking"

„Professional unity and cooperation: what is missing?“
Evaldas Kulbokas, the president of the association "Infobalt", board chairman of  UAB "Sekasoft"

„Could there be 3 million of creative citizens in Lithuania?“
Antanas Zabulis, the president of UAB "Omnitel"

„The highest purpose of leader action is to inspire  management courage to change“
Eglė Zulanienė, board chairwoman of UAB "Nacionalinė farmacijos grupė"

„The invisible side of success: the inner road of a leader“
Audronė Matevičienė, the director of  Mars Inc. pets segment factories at the USA

„Engineering of thought, road to the progress“
Gvidas Drobužas, borad chairman of AB "Panevėžio keliai“, the director of UAB "Convestus"