„SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE“ at the LR Ministry of Education, year 2011 |

„SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE“ at the LR Ministry of Education, year 2011

In 2011, May 10, HAI organized an open space Forum „SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE“ at the Ministry of Education. The Forum connected education and HIGH CULTURE by raising INNOVATIVE IDEAS for the development of education in Lithuania. The Lithuanian minister of Education participated along with over 130 teams from gymnasiums, secondary schools, representatives of other educational institutions, businessmen and business consultants


“School is a LIVING LABORATORY, where children are learning how to live. “
“Lithuania is an EDUCATIONAL HUB, where people from various countries come to learn. “
“Logic of SOCIUM: School prepares children for the exam”; Logic of LIFE: „School prepares children for life“
„School of HAPPINESS – let’s ask the children how it should be created. “
„To develop the teacher as a SELF-ACTUALIZING person. Only such a personality can create an environment where the genius of the child could emerge. “
„THE FUTURE SCHOOL=community+parents+business+colleges/universities+artists... That‘s how integrated system of learners would be created“



The keynote speaker of the forum
Prof. Michael Kazinik

The author of the complexity school idea, the professor of the Stockholm drama college and the Higher School of Business of Scandinavia, the expert of the Nobel concerts, art critic, teacher, violinist, the author of the film about M.K Čiurlionis.
The keynote speaker of the conference prof. Michael Kazinik has highlighted evolutionary changes taking place in society and challenges of the school by revealing the idea of the  „SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE“, significance of the panoramic thinking and principles of complexity lessons, broadening the context of a school and teacher and awakening the deep motivation to create the „SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE“ .


Forum moderator
Rasa Balčiūnienė

The founder of HAI, the author of the leadership and youth education programs, the author of new diagnostic-strategic-creative technologies of an organization and facilitator of sessions, businesswoman, coaching specialist, consultant.

In the „SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE: how we will create it?“ open space discussion, organized by the founder of HAI Rasa Balčiūnienė, the participants of the Forum shared information, developed questions, doubts, ideas and solutions for the creation of the SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE. 

Forum participants’ insights

„The complexity of teaching and panoramic thinking, the ideas of the „School of the future“ in this open space forum, are very beautiful. It is a really good time to begin implementing these ideas. Just as prof. Michael Kazinik said, art has to be the connecting link between all disciplines. “    

Tatjana Liubertienė, the director of Vilnius private gymnasium

„The main condition for students education is that their TEACHER has to be a PERSONALITY who is well educated, develops a broad perspective of the subject he/she teaches, shares interests in literature, music and other fields.“

Saulius Jurkevičius, the director of Vilnius Lyceum

„After the „School of the future“ forum and lecture of M.Kazinik I left inspired with the desire to participate in such events again. At the time everything inspired me to implement the ideas I heard there. “

Vida Morkūnienė, the deputy headmaster for education of Vilnius Minties gymnasium

“The idea that stays with me after the Forum is that the school should be like a LABORATORY, where educational experiments take place. That would allow the school to constantly renew itself, thus it would be LIVE and progressive. The most important thing which we should do NOW is to find common, connecting idea. We could do a lot, if at least five percent of the people supported it at the beginning.”    

Rinardas Goda, the president of UAB „Tegros investicija“

“During the Forum a joyful truth became evident – participants are willing to ACT right now and create experimental projects, not only speak about it. You feel like at the dawn of reform movement, when a hundred of people who care about the Lithuanian future education, want to make next step and act together.”     

Saulius Vasiliauskas, the director of UAB „Baltic Orbis“