Innovations as a whole: a tool for organisation development |

Innovations as a whole: a tool for organisation development

Treating innovations as separate novelties bringing economic and commercial benefits, we make use of the secondary effect of innovations only and do not make the most of it.
/Prof. Andrei Teslinov/

Workshop: strategic revision session
For leaders and strategic teams of an enterprise

2016 November 25-26th Druskininkai

We will learn to create eco-innovative environment as a place of living for innovations,
where innovations take place only when all the functions of this environment serve their purpose
(“eco” – from classical Greek – habitation, home).

Insights for innovative activities
arising due to coordination of forms creating a single whole

The following issues will be considered at the session:

What is development and what are the laws of development?
How many types of innovative activities (contributing to development) are there in a company in general?
What components does a really innovative space of a company consist of?
What prerequisites are essential for successful innovative activities and technologies of development management?
How to apply these issues to my case?


   Andrei TESLINOV
   Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.
   Director General at DBA-concept scientific consulting group
   Head of Concept Analysts Club (
   Professor at the Open University (
   Scientific consultant at IIM LINK (
   Author of bestsellers on developmental management and          conseptual design of complex solutions